Current Temperature 25C

What a disaster… Just landed in Cancun and I was expecting to catch the night bus to Belize but I guess through all the delays and missed planes my luggage didn’t find its way to Cancun. It is still in Toronto.  So much for being in Belize by Tuesday. Had to get a hotel  for tonight and they promised my bag would come tomorrow and get delivered to me by noon. I’m crossing my fingers that it comes and I can make it to Belize by Wednesday morning. I’ve never had so much bad luck travelling all at once. Just want to be on the beach sippin coronas right now! Not dealing with lost bag issues. It doesn’t help that I wore sweats and a sweater on the airplane, cant really hit cancuns beach wearing this… Hopefully this is the only unlucky day I have travelling.

update: 6 am woke up to call delta, they cant track my bag for some reason they told me call back in 4 hours. GAHHH!?! Time to hit the beach in sweats and a sweater I guess!


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