Reunited with my bag!

Current temperature 29C  (Edmonton -22C)


My bag showed up at my hotel late last night after not having it for 2 days, feels so good to have all my stuff finally! My trip is officially changing as of a few hours ago, I’ve only been gone for 3 days but this morning my two buddies from my home town, Calvin and Tyler messaged me saying they were on the plane and heading to Cancun!! Its a crazy surprise because I knew nothing about it till just a few hours ago, I’m stoked to see them. 

Its been a good few days, other then waiting for my bag, calling airports and all that fun stuff, I’ve been shopping and checked out a few markets. Last night I went for a midnight run to the beach, perfect running weather.

The night bus to Belize is going to have to wait a few days but I’ve heard nothing but good things about Belize so I’m very excited to eventually get there. I’ve heard that it is an English speaking country, Its been pretty difficult trying to communicate with locals even in a touristy spot like Cancun, I cant imagine what it will be like in Guatamala in a small village! When I am talking with a local they like to know where I’m from, what I’m doing there and for how long, just basic questions. Usually when we both are having trouble understanding each other it just ends up being a conversation of laughing and explaining things multiple times over.Chicken taco + Corona

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