I met up with Calvin and Tyler Wednesday night, trying to communicate with them when they got here was difficult because they couldn’t use there phones. So thanks to a few boys back home I managed to find the right hotel, everything worked out in the end so we had to celebration that night together. Since Wednesday we’ve been chilling pretty hard at the pools and on the beach enjoying cervezas and other delicious drinks. We’ve been checking out other hotels in the area to see which beaches are they best. It’s beautiful here so no matter where you go you won’t be disappointed. I’ve been devouring as much food as possible to prepare myself for the months ahead, I know it’ll be a long time till I eat this good again! We are planning on renting a car tomorrow from our resort to drive out to Chichen Itza so that should be a lot of fun! As it stands now it looks like I’m taking the night bus to Belize on Wednesday! 🙂







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