Belize City

I arrived in Belize City yesterday morning at around 830am, I was so exhausted when they kicked us off the bus and I didn’t want to deal with a cab trying to screw me over for way too much money so I just started walking to where I thought there would be hostels and hotels, I came across a restaurant that was deserted so I decided to eat there. The lady was extremely nice and gave me a map of the city and made me breakfast. It was really weird to not hear Spanish, they speak English here and have a Jamaican accent. Not too back for 4 Belize dollar (2USD)


After she explained to me where everything was I thanked her and headed towards the tourist village which is located near the shore. On my way there I was getting stared at by all the locals I was the only white boy in the whole city it seemed like. (Everyone in Belize city is black so they knew I wasn’t from here.) on my way to the hostel I was apparently going into the expensive part of town with high end hotels, obviously not in a backpackers budget. So locals kept telling me I was going the wrong way. I stopped and talked to a guy running a shop and he gave me two hostels close to each other and when I made a U turn and started heading to the cheap area all the locals that were telling me I was going the wrong way started beaking me while I was walking by again! All I could do was laugh and say ‘okay okay you were right!’

I finally got to my hostel and enjoyed a little nap before checking out the town. I was the only tourist in the hostel yesterday morning but more arrived late last night. Belize city isn’t really a place where backpackers like to hang out. Its more the islands where they stay cause its ‘safer’ after exploring the city I looked into islands I should check out. My room mate from Spain just came from Caye Caulker and told me it was beautiful and had to check it out so that’s where I’m heading in a hour. Its about 45 mins by boat and about 1 mile from the Belize barrier reef so I should be snorkelling right when I arrive. ImageImageImage


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