Caye Caulker

Yesterday morning I took a taxi boat to an island just off Belize called caye caulker. On the 45 min taxi boat I met two Norwegian girls, Sofie and Suzanne. They spent most the boat ride telling me all the amazing places they’ve experienced since leaving Norway 2 months ago. They are traveling opposite of everyone else, south to north. Most backpackers go north to south but in this case it worked perfect for me cause they could give me places to definitely go to and places to skip and not waste my time. When we got to the island I was in luck the hostel had only one bed left in a four bed dorm. The hostel is called yuma’s house and it’s steps from the water. This island is super chill and beautiful. Yesterday afternoon I met an English dude named Dan he was travelling for 5 weeks and had some interesting stories. He filled me in on the good snorkel spots close to the island so I’m gonna check them out tomorrow. The world famous blue hole in Belize was a bust for him. He went diving there two days ago and said it was hyped too much. That tends to happen with many touristy things.
Last night was American thanksgiving and the Norwegians don’t celebrate anything like it in Norway so they insisted we go get some thanksgiving food. We searched for a couple minutes and stumbled upon a place called wild willys. It was great! They served stuffing, potatoes, lamb, turkey and amazing cakes for desert. It was the first American Thanksgiving I’ve ever celebrated but it was really fun and amazing all you can eat food!









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