Swimming with Stingrays, Sharks and Turtles


Today was amazing; I crossed a few things off my bucket list. It started early this morning when I decided to go on a snorkel tour; the tour took us to 4 locations each had different things to offer. The tour cost 130 Belize dollar (65USD) so it definitely wasn’t cheap but I talked to a few people around the hostel and everyone recommended it and now I know why. We met at the speed boat and along the tour with me was just a small group, a guy from Belgium his wife from china and Dan a fellow Canadian from Vancouver Island. We bombed out on the speed boat but the water was pretty rough so we were feeling the 20 minute boat ride after we arrived. The first stop was just to get us used to snorkelling. Not much to see but still not too bad the next stop was called shark point. I was not expecting all the sharks that were there when we showed up. As soon as our tour guide chummed the water the number tripled! Of course we were hesitant to jump in but once Dan jumped in and didn’t get eaten I thought I was good to go in. It was amazing seeing all the sharks around you. And swimming just a few feet underneath you were stingrays. We were allowed to touch the sharks and rays… they felt a lot different than I expected. I was expecting smooth but it was a little rough. After the entire chum was gone we decided to hit the next location that promised even bigger stingrays and sea turtles! When we got to the next point,  It was packed with fish but only 2 sharks circled the boat and the stingrays were huge! Almost double the size as the ones at the previous location. I went far from the boat looking for some sea turtles but after about 15 minutes of venturing off I was unsuccessful.  We had one last location, which was guarded by rangers that made sure the location was protected. No fishing no touching. The tour guide joined us on the last spot and we swam with him and followed him to all the good spots. There was lots of coral and lots of exotic fish. It was almost time to hope in the boat when I heard my name get called by our tour guide he was waving me over, he found a turtle!!! I quickly swam over with the gopro and made sure not to scare the turtle away. I followed it for a few minutes, he stopped and ate some food on the bottom and that’s when I went to get a closer shot and I guess that scared him so he quickly swam off but it was still so amazing swimming with him, I hope he remembers the fun times we shared because I know I will! Even though it was a cloudy day and ‘cold’ for the locals I still managed to get the worst burn ever, regardless it was a solid day!!

P.S videos take too long to load on here, will post more on my Instagram and Facebook later


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