Bus to Flores

I am currently on a bus to Flores, Guatemala. I left san Pedro this morning at 8 and caught the water taxi back to the main land. When I arrived at Belize City I bought a ticket for the 930 bus to Flores which cost me 50 Belize dollars (25USD) the bus showed up an hour late. There are about 12 tourists on the bus from all around the world, young and old. I’m not sure how long the bus ride is but we’ve been driving for 4 hours and just got across the Guatemalan border. I’m sure it’ll just be another hour or two but to kill some time I’ve decided to write about some of the interesting people I met last night.

At the hostel last night I met a girl named Melissa from North Carolina we sat down had a beer and talked. She was doing some volunteer work/school related work in south Belize for the last month and was just about to fly home to graduate and get started with her medical career after 6 and a half years of school. All the stories she told me were so interesting but the story that stood out the most was when she traveled Europe for 4 months and only spent $2000USD and that’s including her round trip flight! I was shocked, I have never heard of anyone doing it for so cheap, as we talked I figured out how she did it. Mostly it was her lack of eating properly but a lot had to do with her couch surfing almost the whole time. I always thought couch surfing was a little sketchy but after talking to her and hearing all the stories I might need to get it a try when I travel Europe. As we talked more a few of her friends came and joined us, one lived in Belize with her parents that just bought a resort here so they were in the process of renovating it. Another was Nathaniel a 27 year old that lived in Calgary and is just about to graduate his 10th year of school and become a family doctor. (I suggested he buys a Bentley to celebrate the last ten years) and also the two crazy South Africans that came to Belize on a boat that they delivered for a client. 63 days at sea on a 36 foot sail boat with a 4 man crew, amazing. I had no idea that you could do that as a job. They go all around the world delivering boats to different ports. They said you could make good money doing it too. They were just about to catch a flight to Miami to see if they could find a boat to take back to Cape Town or even the Mediterranean. What a cool way to travel, sail to another continent and get paid to travel there. They had an awesome story that they shared with us about fishing for dinner out at sea and using thick fishing line with bungee cords to catch some massive 200+ pound fish. Its people like this that make me want to keep travelling, you meet the coolest people with the most amazing stories and they’ve been to the craziest places. Anyway I’m excited to see what Guatemala is like and I’m still safe mom and dad, haven’t had any sketchy experiences yet!


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