Flores, Guatemala

Current temperature 31C (Edmonton -17C and apparently a huge snow storm?)

The bus ride was about 6 hours from Belize city to Flores, it was one of the better buses I’ve had so that makes things nice. I was told by the Norwegian girls to stay at Los Amigos so when I arrived that’s where I headed. The hostel is really big and pretty cool, the common area is all outdoor with trees and plants everywhere, hammocks and swings also fill the room. It gives off a little bit of a hippie vibe but I like it. I’m staying in a ten person dorm and my bed costs 45 GTQ ($6CAD) a night. I met up with Hendrick the Norwegian guy from caye caulker and I think we’re gonna travel together for a bit because we’re both going the same way. When we went to dinner last night two guys from red deer, Blaine and Ryan came and talked with us. We ended up hanging out with them all night and had a good group of people at the hostel bar playing giant Janga and beer pong. I’ll probably see the red deer boys later in my travels cause they seemed to be going the same way.

I just got back from getting my haircut, it was such a funny experience. First off I don’t know what haircut is in Spanish so I needed to do a cutting hair action with my hands to explain what I wanted. After talking with a few locals they kept pointing in different directions so I just chose a street and walked down it, I got really lucky and stumbled across a barber shop. inside was a guy who I thought was the barber and I was explaining to him what I wanted done with my hair. He didn’t understand me and I didn’t understand him, When we were trying to figure eachother out I got the hint that he wasn’t the barber and the actually barber was coming back in 5 minutes. I waited and waited and was right, the real barber showed up after a few minutes.I tried to explain what I wanted but it wasn’t gonna happen. So I pointed at a picture that was similar to what I wanted, It turned out to be not so bad! He pointed at my beard and I nodded so he took out the straight blade and trimmed it up to give it a bit of a Spanish look hahah. I don’t mind it though, and when I realized how much it cost, I REALLY didn’t mind. Everything cost 20 Quetzal ($3CAD) steal of a deal. Guatemala is quite a bit cheaper then Belize was and I believe it gets cheaper and cheaper the further south you go, Nicaragua being the cheapest.








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