Flores to Samuc Champey

On the way to Samuc Champey, Henrick and I experienced a typical travel problem… Buses never being on time or getting to the destination on time, the bus trip was supposed to take 8 hours but ended up taking 11 hours due to the ferry having issues and also the making unnecessary 30 minute stops just to fill up the bus with gas. When we arrived in Samuc it was dark so we couldn’t see what the landscaped look like until the morning but Ryan and Blaine were there waiting for us so of course we had a few drinks and enjoyed not being on that overbooked sweaty bus. In the morning we woke up to a sick view, our hostel was in the middle of the jungle surrounded by mountains and just steps away from the river.  Liz an Australian yoga teacher from Sydney asked a few of us if we walked to give yoga a shot. Not ever trying it before I thought that Guatemala and being in the jungle would probably be a great place to give it a go. Henrick, terry (a guy from England we met in Flores) and I all committed to session, we didn’t have mats so it was interesting when the ants started crawling on us and biting us. But other than that I would say my first yoga session was a success. It’s more difficult than I thought… but I would definitely try it again. After the yoga session we all took a dip in the freezing cold river, but it was extremely relaxing.

Later that day a big group of 11 of us (later named ‘extreme team’) all wanted to check out the zip line they had in the area. Unfortunately they couldn’t make it happen for us so we had a plan B of going tubing down the river but our hostel said the river was too fast and dangerous so for liability reasons they didn’t want to take us. We walked down the road for a few minutes and found someone that could for a cost of 40Q ($5CAD) After walking with our tubes for about 20 minutes in the heat. We hailed down a truck and paid them some cash to drive us to the river. Once we got to the river we bought our drinks of choice for the, what we thought was a 2 hour tube ride (in reality was maybe 30 mins). Once we all got in the water some of us held tubes to stick together while others got caught on their own and took off really quick. It wasn’t as relaxing as we thought it was due to the fact that we were dodging trees and rocks the whole time. We took a few breaks along the way to crush some beers and rum. Nonetheless it was a ton of fun with a great group of people, some would say it was sketchy but I would do it again in a heartbeat.

After tubing we all hung out at the hostel and had a few drinks, there isn’t much to do around the small village at night so most people just drink and socialize around the hostel. There are hammocks everywhere and it’s a great place to chill and watch the sun go down behind the mountains.







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