We stayed at the terrace hostel when we arrived in Antigua I was a cool place with a roof top bar that had a great view of the whole town. The town had a Spanish feel to it with cobble stone roads and a little town atmosphere. There are three volcanos near Antigua and one of the things backpackers do is climb one of the three.  We decided to opt out and wait until Nicaragua to climb volcanos, we heard they were better there and you can board down them. Our time in Antigua was short but fun, we check out the town markets and also the second hand shop. Everyone from the group found something awesome to buy. Ryan, Blaine and I all found killer onsies that I’m sure they will get whipped out multiple times on the trip. The other half of the extreme team were heading the opposite way of Henrick, Ryan, Blaine and I so it was time to say goodbye. A few of them we might bump into again on the trip but most not. It was a sad day for the extreme team but it had to break up eventually. Next stop for us is port of San Jose to check some waves before heading down to El Salvador. The bus from Antigua to San Jose should take about 2 hours and then another 1 to get to el Paredon (the surf town with a few hostels.)






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