El Tunco, El Salvador

The police were cracking down on drugs crossing the border of Guatemala to El Salvador so the border crossing in the shuttle was a nightmare. We had a really good driver so he got us through as quick as possible but still took a few hours. There were kilometers of semis getting checked one by one which I’m sure would take days for some of those drivers to get through. The semi drivers seemed to be ready for it though; the all had hammocks hanging from their trucks and looked like they were there for the long haul. Once we crossed the border we still had another 2 hours of driving, about 30 minutes of driving in the driver stopped and got out of the shuttle and took a look at our tires. Just our luck we had a flat… took about 15 minutes but we had it switched good as new  but other than that it was a beautiful drive right on the coast through all the mountains a ton of tunnels and cliffs. The ride was supposed to take 5 hours but again it was closer to 8 or 9 hours.  Once we arrived we got to our hostel and checked in to our dorm which is 4 beds and it costs us $7USD each. We bought a few bottles of rum to celebrate getting to El Salvador and enjoyed the night. At about 10:45 pm Ryan and I were sitting at the table at our hostel and all of a sudden we felt a shaking feeling… we both looked at each other to check if the other guy was rocking the bench but then when we both realized that the other guy wasn’t doing anything. We looked at the clothes line and that was shaking also, it was a crazy feeling and about half an hour later I checked online to see if it was an earthquake. It was my first earthquake I’ve ever felt and it was awesome feeling. Ryan and I are planning on making a spinoff of storm chasers but it’s gonna be quake chasers haha. 






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