Samuc Champey tour

Sorry for the lack of updates but i have been really busy and the internet has been shit!!! the internet probably isnt good enough to post pictures so ill save them for later.

December 8th We woke up early to rain, so we we’re questioning if the Samuc Champey tour was even going to happen. After I ate breakfast and got a few things ready for the tour the sun started coming out and we got the o.k that the tour was still going on. We gathered up all the members of the extreme team and boarded a truck where about 15 of us all stood up in the box of the truck and held on. When we got there we wasted no time and they scurried us up to the cave that we would be going into. They all gave us helmets to wear in the cave and luckily one of them had a gopro mount already on it so it worked out perfectly to strap mine on. At the entrance to the cave our guide gave us our light source, candles…. Keep in mind this cave is filled with water and at times we were treading water so keeping my candle lit was a challenge. The caves were massive measuring about 15 km but we only went in 800 meters. We were in the caves for about 2 hours and in that time frame we climbed up and down a few ladders, climbed mini waterfalls, jumped off rocks into the water and explored all the corners of the cave. It was nothing like any other caving that I’ve done in the past. After the caves we walked over to the rope swing, we got to see every ones crazy side there, henrick pulled some cool backflips his very first try without hesitation. Liz strapped on the helmet with the gopro on it and took a try. She slammed so hard on her face and ended up breaking the mount off the helmet so we couldn’t use the helmet mount anymore but it was worth the entertainment it gave everyone. When we were done with the rope swing our guide took us to the bridge. It was about 30 feet above the water and almost everyone gave it a shot that was a ton of fun! When we all had our turns bridge jumping we ate some lunch and got some food in us before the hike, most of us were wearing flip flops so we weren’t really prepared for a full blown hike. The hike to the viewpoint took about 15 minutes and then another 15 to get to the fresh water pools. We had 2 hours at the pools and it was filled with jumping of trees, cliffs and waterfalls. The guides took us around to each pool and let us slide down the rocks and go into underwater caves. It was beautiful there, all these pools surrounded by mountains and howler monkeys that we could hear while swimming. On the drive back to the hostel it started pouring so we took out the tarp and everyone was crouched down underneath it for the rest of the ride, it was pretty miserable. All in all the day was a success and only went home with minor injuries (cuts on feet, bruises on legs)

As I’m writing this I am on a mini bus with almost the whole extreme team and we are heading to Antigua, the bus ride is supposed to be 8 hours but we have already been delayed at least an hour and I have a feeling it’ll turn into a 10 or 11 hour ride but that’s typical in these countries so everyone expects it. I’m pretty excited for Antigua, I’ve heard nothing but good things about it and we have a great group of people traveling with us so it should be time.



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