Magma fest 2013

The day after volcano boarding we hopped on a bus that took us to a small town called ravis. Where we needed to catch a 45 min ferry to the island of ometepe. It took a full day of travel but we made it to our hostel just in time to start drinking and getting ready for magma fest (a two day music festival) when we got to the festival it was right on the beach. They played house music all night but it sounded like it was the same song played for the whole time we were there. But nonetheless it was a great time the first night it started raining at about 3 so it cleared everyone out of there. The second night was the exact same music and pretty much the same as the first night but still a lot of fun! After a long recovery we decided to go to a natural swimming pool with nice fresh water we hung out there all day it was extremely relaxing. We haven’t had wifi for a few days and it’s been really nice to not be attached to a phone or computer. We met a lot of really cool people but we’re ready to go to San Juan del sur and celebrate Christmas!





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