Extreme split up

This is the day we’ve all been dreading,  the day our travel group splits up for good. We’ve been travelling together for the last month. It was tough to say goodbye to the people who made the first part of my trip amazing. Henrick it was awesome meeting you way back in Belize you’ve been an awesome travel buddy it’s gonna be fun going to Roskilde festival with you! Blaine and Ryan you two are such beauties and I know we’ll be friends for a long time, Chris and terry you two are the funniest guys I’ve ever met even if you’re not trying to be funny. Amanda you’re a sweetheart and great at planning all our routes, your Spanish saved us so many times! Can’t wait to come to dirty myrtle to visit! Nichole you’re always the life of the party, back flipping off everything, it was awesome to meet and travel with you! Thanks for making last month so much more EXTREME!

Now it’s off to Popoyo with Alex for some much needed detox and surf!








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