Sunday Funday

Sunday funday is every Sunday, every week. It’s the biggest party day in san juan del sur. People rest up on Saturday night just so that they’re ready for Sunday. The party starts at 2 in the afternoon at a resort called pelican eyes, everyone meets there for a few hours and we enjoy the sun and pool party, this particular Sunday was the biggest they’ve ever seen due to the holidays and new years. I brought in over 350 people! After a few hours at pelican eyes the shuttle made multiple trips transferring everyone to naked tiger, our hostel. We enjoyed the sunset and BBQ at our place and kept the party going, a few hardcore dance offs started up and people were having a great time. For those who weren’t passed out yet the next stop was pacha mamas in town, this place was packed with people and a giant party. It was a great day filled with good times and crazy party people. I would love to come back and attend another one but I don’t think it could top this one. 





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