Little Corn Island

Internet is pretty scarce on the island so I’ll just do a quick update. i’ll post more about my time in Popoyo and the trek over here once I get to Costa Rica. There is a big storm coming in and its been the talk of the island for the last few days. We probably wont be able to get out of here until Sunday so that is when the travels down south will continue and I’ll update the blog once I get settled somewhere in Costa Rica.

Ive been on little corn island since Sunday and have enjoyed my time on the tiny island a lot. There isnt much to do on the island but somehow you fill up your days. I wanted to try kite surfing on the island but the guy who runs it here isnt the most reliable… He works maybe 2 hours a day and 2 days a week so its hard to find him around the island, with this storm coming in I don’t think anyone will be kite surfing so I’m going to have to wait a little longer to give it go. Its currently rainy season on the Caribbean side so we’ve had to deal with a few down pours throughout the week but nothing really lasts. Nicaragua is a very cheap country for almost everything but as soon as you go to islands the prices seem to double and triple so this week has been pretty expensive and its only gonna get more expensive once we get into Costa Rica. Right now I’m travelling with Amy from England. She is 4 months into her travels and plans to not go back home and travel the world in the next 4 years, so crazy! 

Here are a few pictures:











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