Managua, Nicaragua

Arriving in Managua was a little but if a shock for me. I haven’t been to a big city since the start of my trip so the amount of people and cars overwhelmed me. First stop was mcdonalds, after eating local food which usually included a large amount of rice I was ready for something greasy. We stayed at Managua backpackers and got the aircon dorm which was the first aircon I’ve had since Guatemala. It’s nice to not sweat all night once in a while. The next day was spent going to the mall and picking up anything we’ve lost or broken in the last month… Shorts, t shirts, chargers etc.

A few days ago my friend, Meghan from back home told me she booked her ticket to come visit for two weeks. It’s very exciting news because this is the first time one of my friends has actually come down to visit me. It’s gonna be interesting to be the tour guide and show her a great trip. My next few weeks will be planning a route for us to take once she come down.







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