Samara to Santa Teresa

Costa Rica is extremely expensive compared to the other Central American countries. Transport is also extremely expensive of you don’t want to deal with the headache of local buses. The average price for a shuttle to take you anyway is usually $50 USD. It doesn’t really matter the distance it’s usually just that flat rate. Amy, Yasmin and I decided to take a taxi from samara to Santa Teresa. We ended up getting the taxi driver down to $125 total for the three of us because he was driving a shitty little car that we didn’t think could make it. The trip was supposed to take 3 hours but ended up taking 7 because of the roads and uncrossable rivers. I think we had too many people in the small car cause we were constantly bottoming out and at the end of the 7 hours the driver was not happy at all cause he destroyed his car so bad on all the rocks. We made it though and met up with the others at the hostel.





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