Bocas Del Toro

The 16 hour bus ride was exhausting, This is was the second time on the whole trip that I was actually alone travelling, so I had many opportunities to practice my Spanish which i was looking forward too. An older lady sat beside me on the bus, she knew little english but was determined to talk to me, so with her broken english and my VERY little spanish we carried on a conversation for a few hours, it included her teaching me spanish and I was teaching her some basic english. It was really nice sharing our stories even if it was an extremely broken conversation, she showed me pictures of her house, her kids and her sisters wedding she just went to. It definitely passed the time and made the bus ride more enjoyable. Once we arrived in panama city i needed to wait 5 hours for the bus ticket box to open. it was 4 in the morning and i was exhausted so i found a place to sleep and tried to get a few hours in. Once the tickets were purchased i had about 11 hours to kill in panama city. I got to the airport nice and early and was patiently waiting for Meghan to land. her flight was supposed to land at 715pm and then we needed to make it on our night bus by 830pm. everything worked out in the end thanks to our taxi driver that took us to the bus station. I told her id give her an extra 5 if she got us there on time… It was some crazy driving but she got us there on time and safely!

The night bus from panama city to bocas del toro was about 10 hours long and I don’t think Meghan was ready for it but she did great. other then not being fully prepared for the freezing cold air conditioning in the bus. we arrived at the port at around 6 in the morning and then it was a 30 minute boat ride and finally got onto the main island in bocas called colon. once we settled into our hostel we realized it was 8 in the morning so we had the whole day to do whatever we wanted. We decided to go to another island about 10 minutes away. The beach was called red frog and was very beautiful, we spent the whole day there soaking up the sun. Meghan and I both burnt so badly so its been skin recovery for the last few days so we don’t peel.

Yesterday we went snorkelling, got to see dolphins and jellyfish and then they took us to a kinda castaway island where we got to hang out for a few hours, all the people on the boat with us were super cool so that made the trip pretty enjoyable. After we got back from the trip, Amy and Sylvie showed up at our hostel, Meghan got to finally meet them and we’ve all been hanging out together now during the day.

Today we rented bikes and made the 1 hour trek to a beach called Playa bluff. It was a really nice bike there and then spent a few hours laying in the sun and relaxing, on the way back my bike broke…. the chain kept falling off and couldnt fix it. We ended up cabbing back to town, but other then that it was a great day and look forward to the next few days with Meghan here.20140216-095704.jpg20140216-100618.jpg20140216-100514.jpg



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