Colombia boat trip day 1

Our day started off at 5am, we packed up our stuff from our Panama City hostel and by 530 we were on the road heading to a mystery location… It was some port on the Caribbean side. Our group for the boat is Alex, Amy, Sylvie, Tilda and I and then the three new people are Rick from holland, Max from Sweden and Sean from the states. After a 3 hour journey on the shitty road we got to the river, we met the captains wife here, she would be joining us in a few days. Once we got into the small taxi boat it was a 2 hour boat ride to our sail boat. The sea was rough so we got soaked and no one was prepared for it. Once that miserable ride was over we arrived at our boat, the ‘delphin solo’ it is a 45 foot sail boat that sleeps 8 people. We met the captain, a Turkish man and his deck hand who was a Colombian guy. The boat was anchored around a few other sail boats and was located in the middle of San blas, hundreds of tiny white sand islands in the Caribbean sea. It was beautiful, some of the nicest islands I’ve ever seen with crystal clear water surrounding them. We have three days to enjoy these islands then the last two days are straight sailing to Cartagena, Colombia


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