Rest of Panama

Me and Meghans last full day in bocas consisted of going to the sports pub with a few friends and watching the Canada vs Finland hockey game. My aunt and uncle were in panama also for a holiday and just so happened to be in bocas at the same time so they met up with us and got to meet all the people I’ve been travelling with the last few weeks so that was really nice and it was really nice catching up with them. The next day Meghan and I caught the morning boat to the mainland from the port we caught a bus to boquete. Boquete is a small town in the hills of west panama, we had a great time checking out waterfalls, mini canyons and hot springs. We only spent a night in boquete then decided to take the night bus back to Panama City only to catch a hour bus to colon in the morning to take another hour taxi to Nuevo chagres, a small town just outside Lorenzo national park on the Caribbean coast. It was interesting… We arrived early in the morning and literally the place looked deserted, I don’t think there has been another backpacker there for a few weeks. We had a private beach and it was a beautiful place but having to walk 20 mins to get food and water wasn’t ideal. We spent a night there and early the next morning caught a cab to colon where we spent the day. Another hour bus ride and we made it back to Panama City where we reunited with a lot of friends from bocas and boquete. We checked out Panama City for the next few days… It is a very developed and beautiful city. The day came that meghan had to catch her flight and the group needed to catch our boat. Saying bye always sucks, it was a great experience finally having a friend join me on my travels, I had a lot of fun and I think meghan did to!


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