San Gil

12 hours on a night bus and we arrived in beautiful San Gil. Located in the mountains close to the second biggest canyon in the world (first being the Grand Canyon). First thing Elliott and I did was plan out next few days and pack it full of adventure. Before we started the adventures we had one night where we joined a bunch of other gringos and played Colombia’s national sport called tejo. It was a lot of fun and a few of us were starting to get the hang of it near the end. Our itinerary was as follows: Day 1 white water rafting down the Suarez river class 4 & 5 rapids. Which was followed by a 6 vs 6 soccer game at the local field gringos vs San Gil police. It was great fun! The talent here is amazing but we made it a close game! Day 2 downhill bike 55km through the mountains around San Gil which was hands down my favourite day other then falling a few times and cutting up my shoulder Day 3 hydrospeed. Which is basically boogie boarding through rapids down the river, we also did paragliding through the beautiful valleys of San Gil. All of the activities were awesome despite how sketchy most of them were. We’re alive and catching a night bus tonight to Medellin! I will update again soon







One thought on “San Gil

  1. Good to note that you are very much alive and kicking even after a shoulder cut. Glad to follow your adventures vicariously whenever I can and it just cheers me up & takes me back to those crazy south East Asia backpacking days.

    Make the best and have the greatest time when you are young and luving everything that the beautiful world can offer you.

    Have fun keep blogging as much as you can becuz one day these pictures and the blogs will be most cherished and free -est times of your life.

    Enjoy the adventure and the journey.


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