Santa Marta

After 5 days of partying in barranquilla or was time for some detox. The group chose Santa Marta which is a city east of Barranquilla on the Caribbean coast. Santa Marta gave me a chance to start planning my South American journey a little bit. Sylvie and Alex decided to book the inca trail in Peru which meant they needed to get moving. So this would be the last time I see them. It was a lot of fun traveling with you two and can’t wait to see you guys again! A few days later I decided it was time for me to move along and check out more of Colombia. I met up with Elliott and we decided to go south to San Gil which is a perfect town if you like adventures! This meant this was the last time id be seeing Amy on this trip also. Amy it was a great 2 months traveling with you! Hope to see you in Canada or other places around the world !







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