Elliott and I took the bus to Guatape and was about 2 hours, we agreed to meet some of our friends from the night before there and once we got there we wished we came earlier so we could spend more then just two days. It was one of the coolest places I’ve seen. A massive rock was the centre of the town with a massive lake beside it. This made for hundreds of islands everywhere. Many locals had houses on these islands making it look like a well off town. This seemed like ‘rich’ Colombia to me. The day we got there we walked up to the top of the rock to check out what they advertise as the ‘best view in the world’ and after seeing the view from the top it is definitely on my top 3 views. The next day we enjoyed relaxing kayaking on the lake and sun tanning. I have to add that the food was awesome at this place! That night we caught a cab to the airport to catch our early morning flights to Ecuador.









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