Isla de la plata

Also know as poor mans Galapagos, it is a island off the port town of Porto Lopez about an hour boat ride away. I spent the day exploring the island. It is not what I expected… It was more of an desert then the typical island. It is home to the blue and red footed boobies which were really cool to see. It was a great island to explore but as this is the low season there wasn’t as many animals as I thought there would’ve been. From the cliff tops you could look down and see sharks swimming in the water down below. After exploring the island we got a chance to go snorkelling. Immediately as the boat docked a few of us jumped in and started checking out the fish. After about a minute in the water people started complaining about getting stung by something. One of the locals said it was jelly fish and it’s not poisonous or won’t hurt you, so I continued swimming, chasing turtles and schools of fish. I definitely felt the stings and they were getting greater and greater…. I decided to suck it up for a little longer cause the snorkel was amazing. Once back from the tour I was COVERED in little red dots from the jelly fish and they are extremely itchy! Thank you locals for not telling me how much this would suck after!!20140327-185000.jpg20140327-185016.jpg




One thought on “Isla de la plata

  1. Oh, Dust you are certainly learning about so many things on this trip, but lately far too many tough ones to swallow!!!!! You get up and go again…good for you!! Lots of love and wish you an enjoyable time yet!!! Love you boy, mom


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