My attempt at hiking to the ‘end of the world’

There are many hiking trails just outside the town of baños, many of them are self guided and are easy enough to do by yourself… Or so I thought. I started on a trail that was very well marked and was told that the famous end of the world swing also known as casa del Arbol was located at the end of it about 3 hours up. So I decided to take the long way hitting up different view points along the way. The views were spectacular overlooking the whole town. The trails were steep and tough to climb. After about the three hour mark I had no idea how far I was from this swing. Luckily a few people from the hostel were on there way down and told me it was only about 30 minutes away. I kept going following the signs as best as I could and after another hour I was still walking and no swing in site. I was lost and had no map or no way of knowing if I was going the wrong way so I made the decision to turn around and start heading down. The overall hike took just over 5 hours and didn’t even get to see the swing. It’s okay though because I plan on checking it out by ATV or dune buggy tomorrow. If you don’t know this famous swing that I’m talking about stayed posted to the blog and I’ll have pictures up as soon as I see it!


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