Santiago, Valparaiso and Vina del Mar

The last week has been pretty stressful when it really didn’t have to be at all. A Brazilian visa would’ve taken us almost two weeks to get in santiago, we didn’t have this time so we did some research and found out in iguazu falls they process the visa in 24 hours. So we are risking it and heading to iguaza in three weeks to hopefully get our brazilian visa. My passport is close to running out of pages and when we went to the Canadian embassy they told me I needed to get a whole new passport which would take a few weeks. I asked them if I tried to enter a country on a full passport what would happen…? Apparently they don’t let you in… this made me worried because we definitely didn’t have enough time to wait for my new passport. Anyway all was solved with some research on the internet and some questionable things done to my passport.

This last week mack and I also booked some flights, we fly from ushuaia to buenos aires on the 6th of February and also we fly from iguazu falls to rio on February 12th to make it there for carnival. After figuring out the next month of our trip we headed to the closest beach town called Valparaiso, it’s a cool little town full of great street art from famous artists from around the world. It has a San Francisco feel to it, and we got lucky and were there during the farmers market which was cool to see. Vina del Mar is the neighboring town with the beaches and more touristy feel. We made a day trip to lay on the beach and check out the sites. On Saras last day in santiago her and I checked out the markets, ended up going to the zoo and ate crepes in the hip neighborhood called Bella Vista. It was sad saying bye to sara but she has school to finish and I’m extremely happy she could join me for as long as she did but the travels must go on! I’m excited for what is to come, mack and I pick up our camper van NOW! We will have it for two and a half weeks and drive over 4000 km to eventually get to punta arenas!


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