Crossing into Argentina

We left pucon to head east in the afternoon hoping that they border would less busy. Once we arrived at the border leaving chile was pretty quick and easy. Entering Argentina was a slow process. It was busy and slow. Every vehicle needed to be searched for anything that couldn’t leave chile and couldn’t enter argentina (fresh fruit, animal products) and if you get caught or forget it’s a $250 usd fine. Luckily we threw away everything before the border and cruised through. It was a nice drive the rest of the way to another ski town called San Martin de los Andes. Of course it’s summer down here so hitting the slopes isn’t an option. I exchanged my chilean pesos for American dollars back in pucon because of the blue dolar (which I’ll explain in my next post.) We arrived pretty late in san Martin so many places were closed including the money exchange so we were left with no argentine pesos. So with that we found a nice campground by the lake and called it a night.





One thought on “Crossing into Argentina

  1. I recognize Mount Osorna in Chiled I assume that that you are having a great time


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