Surf town – Buchupureo

With buchupureo in mind we looked on the map and saw the scenic coastal roads to get there.  With only 260 km to go we thought it would be a nice 2 and a half hour drive. It wasn’t.  It took us 6 hours. We went through a few national parks and the dirt roads and steep hills made for a slow journey. It was amazing views throughout the whole drive though. This part of chile reminds me so much of Alberta with all the thick forests and with similar trees it would be really hard to tell from a picture if it’s middle chile or northern alberta. When we arrived we got there too late to surf so we set up for the night right on the beach. We woke up to fog and shitty waves. I guess we have to wait for argentina and Brazil to surf, It’s warmer water there anyway. Next stop for us Pucon. 500 km away, mostly highway. It took us 6 and a half hours.







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