Wicked camper

We arrived at the wicked campers office bright and early to pick up our van. We rented the two seater deluxe which during the day the back is a table with two bench seats and at night it turns into a nice bed for the two of us. After going through some paper work and getting a run down on how stuff works we found ourselves in the middle of busy santiago with a van that says ‘hey asshole save the whales’ on one side and on the other it says ‘save the bees’. After picking up some groceries and beverages we were ready to hit the road! 
First stop Pichilemu which is the unofficial surf capital of Chile. It was a beautiful drive along Ruta 5 and then we headed west through wine country and eventually made the 208 km journey. We posted up right next to the beach for the night which ended up being a huge mistake… our plan was to wake up early and surf so at around 11 we went to bed. Apparently the spot we chose was the ideal location for drug deals, making out with your lover and beach fires. At around 2:30 we got woken up by blaring music and realized we were in the middle of some guys beach birthday celebration. People were all surrounding the van drinking and yelling. This happened for an hour or so until the police came and shut it down. During this time I’m sure they assumed we were with the party so lights kept shining in the van to investigate. I was planning on moving the van then but when everyone started clearing out I was hopeful that they wouldn’t return… well they did a few minutes later, trying to sleep through the singing and partying was impossible.  At around 430 we got a knock on our van and I immediately assumed it was the police and would would have to try and explain to then in spanish that this is our home and we aren’t doing anything wrong. I open the door and see two girls obviously drunk and ask me something. My spanish is brutal and Chileans talk very fast so I caught nothing with a few hand gestures mack and I figured out that they wanted rolling papers and a lighter, none of which we had. They said sorry and here we were 4:30 in the morning wide awake. I decided then I wasn’t waking up early to surf. For breakfast we bought a bag of hash browns and some eggs. After our hash browns were done. (Now just mashed potatoes) we go to cook the eggs only to find out we ran out of propane for our little stove. We made the decision to just get moving to the next town and find new propane along the way. Next stop Buchupureo, another surf spot that the guy at wicked camper suggested going to.





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