It’s official I’m back in Canada after another amazing trip that took me across 6 countries in the last 4 months. All the people I met and experiences Ive had is why I continue to travel every year. Being in a different country, also one that speaks a different language, when youre out of your comfort zone, really teaches you alot about yourself and life. When you can’t just speak English for the simple things it can be frustrating at times but its exciting when you can finally communicate with people that speak a completely different language.  It’s exciting and fun when you need to plan out everything from where you’re sleeping that night to where you’ll be sleeping in three days and how to get there. I’ve never regretted buying a plane ticket and I don’t know many people that have regretted it. If you’re on the edge about going backpacking DO IT. You will thank yourself later, it’s not always amazing and perfect, it’s still life. Yet travel has taught me that most problems that you encounter in your day to day life aren’t THAT big of a deal. I’ve learned not to get stressed about every problem I face, especially the things that you can’t do anything about.

My favorite thing about travel is how unpredictable it is, one minute you might have your whole trip planned then the next day you might meet a new best friend and follow their route instead. It’s crazy how close you get with people you travel with. You won’t know this until you get out there and meet new people.

I have a greater understanding about how the rest of the world lives. The majority of the countries I’ve visited since I’ve started backpacking have been third world. I’ve witnessed very sad things that remind me how blessed and lucky I am to live in a wealthy country with alot of opportunities. I think people tend to get caught up in all their work and forget about how blessed they are to have food in their fridge, clean water that they can easily access and a roof over their head. I know it sounds cliché because every backpacker-hippy says ‘spread positive vibes’ but it’s true. Helping people makes you a happier person. Smiles can make someones shitty day a little bit better. Spread positivity, you never know what people are going through and how your kind actions will effect their day.

If you’re interested in helping some of the less fortunate I’ve been using http://www.kiva.org for the past year now helping those less fortunate. It’s a unique website because it’s not just handing people money, it’s motivating them to start their own business and better themselves and their families. If you have time read into kiva and learn how the website works and if you agree with it loan some money!

If you are planning a trip let me know! I’d love to hear about it and offer any tips. I have another busy summer planned with my girlfriend, family, friends and my fire crew. I’m already excited for my next adventures later this year!


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