Hong Kong + Japan

Currently sitting in the airport in Tokyo, Me and 5 of my friends have spent the last 12 hours trying to kill time before our final flight to Hong Kong. As of now we have been in transit for 26 hours but it’ll be all worth it once we are all settled in to our place in Hong Kong. This trip is different from my usual trips, I’m only gone for just over 2 weeks (which is months shorter then trips I’ve done in the past.) also I am going to a first world country which is going to be a big change. Mostly in the sense that meals wont cost only a dollar, and accommodations only a few dollars. I’ve estimated a rough budget for my time in Hong Kong and it’s looking like it’ll be just over $100 bucks a day. For japan it’ll be even more at closer to $150 bucks. In past my trips have been been mostly under $50 a day.

I’ve caught myself comparing everything I’ve seen so far to India which I think is funny because nothing can compare to India it’s on a whole other level. Its only been 7 months since India so it is still pretty fresh in my head.  Just comparing the airport alone, I’ve seen that it is miles ahead with cleanliness and organization.

Joining me on this trip are a few friends from my summer fire crew and a few from school. With 6 people total we are a big group ready to explore, a few are new to travelling which is exciting and I’m stoked to have them around to share these experiences. I just thought I would write a quick blurp about our trip so far, its been pretty boring and uneventful (except for the lady collapsing in the airplane and Mary and Josiah basically saved her life) but that’s a story for another day!

I will try and update when I can and if it’s not on here then the updates will come on snapchat, instagram or facebook so make sure to follow those too!

I blame any spelling or punctuation errors on my lack of sleep. These were our beds last night, surrounded by many, many people staring at us.

We thought we would find a quiet part of the airport to have as our home base / sleep area…. well it looked quiet at about 7 pm but then around 11 pm it was jam packed with people and I woke up to about 10 of them staring at me. I was too tired to care, I ignored them and fell back asleep.

Oh, I almost forgot, an addition I’ve made this year to my travels is this card called Priority Pass! So far its magical… Myself and a guest can go into executive lounges worldwide which offers free food and drinks which really helped out with the long layover. I will update more about the card and if its worth getting but so far its been pretty sweet. I’ve used it in Edmonton and Vancouver lounges so far.

That’s all for now, short and sweet. Will updated again in a few days after we’ve done something exciting with our lives.

4 thoughts on “Hong Kong + Japan

  1. Thanks for the update…….. cant wait for all the stories…….way to go Mary and Josiah!!!!!!


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