Horse Racing and Big Buddha

Some of you might be patiently waiting for the story of Josiah and Mary saving lives in the airplane so here it is. Halfway into our 10 hr flight from Vancouver to Tokyo the flight attendant speaks up on the loud speaker and informs everyone that there is a sick person on board and anyone who is capable of helping to please speak up, without even hesitating Mary and Josiah both got up, with Mary’s EMT expertise and Josiah’s EMR experience I was confident they could handle whatever was wrong. All of us were spread out throughout the plane so we could only glance once and a while at the heroes doing their thing. About an hour and a half went by and a few glasses of wine went down on my end when we finally heard the flight attendant talk on the loud speaker again and announce that the sick passenger was feeling good and wasn’t going to die. It ended up that the lady was found unconscious after fainting and non responsive to painful stimuli. She had a low blood pressure which made the two quite nervous. They had limited equipment which made things more difficult and it was up to the two of them to make the call if the plane should get turned around to make an emergency landing. In the end I was extremely proud of the two and they did a great job making the situation good again!

Once we landed in Hong Kong on Wednesday afternoon, we immediately took an Uber to our Airbnb in Mong kok which is a central district in Hong Kong, close to many shops, markets and the metro line. We met our host who was very friendly and inviting, he got us all settled in to our place. We were guessing the place is about 500 sq feet and with 6 people its tight but it’s worth it with the location. Once we got showered and feeling good after our long 30+ hour travel day we took the MTR to the horse racing track for a fun Wednesday night out on the town. Every Wednesday the race track runs a special themed night. This month themed nights were Oktoberfest which was a ton of fun! Mixed with our jet lag and excitement we all ended up getting really drunk and tired pretty easily, everyone had a blast though!

The next morning we chose to go to the big Buddha which is located on Lantau Island close to the airport, about 45 minutes away by train but then it was a TWO HOUR wait to take the cable car up to the base of the big Buddha which included many restaurants, temples and souvenir shops. The wait was extremely long but well worth it. The cable car up was full of amazing views and the big Buddha itself was pretty awesome. It ended up being a full day event and once we got back everyone was pretty tired and took naps. Once we got ready again it was about 8 pm and we decided to go for dim sum. Josiah knew all the good things to get so he ordered for the whole table and it ended up being amazing and one of our favorite meals so far in HK.

During the last 2 days there has been a lot of talk about the typhoon coming in. We had no idea about this until someone mentioned it to us at the horse races and I didn’t think much of it until last night when I decided to look it up. The typhoon is called Haima and was measured at a T8 at its peak which I think is pretty serious because they were calling it a super typhoon. We weren’t really concerned about it because no one else really raised too much concern about it. The worst of it was supposed to come through HK around noon today. It’s now 2pm and I have the window open and can see and hear the intensity of the storm but it’s nothing like what I thought it was going to be. This morning we went for breakfast and we could see how it affected the city. Almost all shops were closed and the streets were empty. We walked Nathan Street which is the longest road in HK and has been extremely busy with cars and people the last 2 days but this morning it was a ghost town. Empty streets and sidewalks it was pretty wild to see. We hope to catch a ferry to Macau tomorrow morning but it all depends on if the weather is good enough. Our last two days have been filled with drinking, eating and exploring HK including the ponies and big Buddha. I’m excited to see what Macau, Victoria peak and other districts in Hong Kong have to offer. We are all doing well and staying dry and will update again after the weekend!

One thought on “Horse Racing and Big Buddha

  1. Thanks for the update, Dust!!!!
    Did you all buy the umbrella’s??
    Have fun , enjoy it all…. with Love, The Mama and Papa


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