About me


My name is Dustin Dykink

I’m a 25 year old adventurer

I love seeing new places and trying new things

I’ve been escaping the Canadian winter since 2012

I love meeting new people and hearing their stories

Afternoon Grenade

3 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hey Dust,
    Good to see you’re enjoying yourself.
    We’re leaving for Panama City on Feb. 8, spending 8 days touring the country and 5 days on Boca del Toro, an island just off the coast. If you’re in the neighborhood let us know. JoJo and Jimmy

  2. Haha, I think the picture pretty much describes your adventures? Holding a grenade, and hoping it doesn’t blow up in your hand. Man, I hope you take some crazy go pro footage next time you shoot some rpg’s.

  3. Hey Dustin Dykink,
    Not sure how you pronounce your last name so to keep things simple I will just call you Dusty (I hope that’s okay). I just read your blog and I must say it is an interesting read! I will continue to follow your travels and live vicariously through your adventures… That is until I can get out of Edmonton and see this beautiful world for myself! Anyway, just thought you seemed like a cool guy and that we had a lot in common… Maybe when you get back to Edmonton we can go for a beer and see if we hit it off 😉 Enjoy the heat!!

    -Christine Way (you can call me Chrisi)


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